Jenni Söderling

Name: Jenni Söderling

Family: Husband Robin. Children: Olivia and Fred.

Home: Djursholm, Sweden

Occupation: Co-founder of IA BON

What’s your all time favorite vacation spot?

Have to say Soneva Fushi in the Maldives – it really is heaven! The Maldives is – hands down –is my favorite place on earth.

What makes the perfect getaway for your family?

Anywhere warm & sunny. Being from Sweden – that’s really all I want.

No overalls, no gloves or boots – Just swimwear and sandals.

We like to be as close to nature as possible. Preferrably not a very touristy spot.

Both Robin & I love to be active, so if there’s either a gym, a tennis court, diving, or a big mountain where you can hike – we’re super happy.

How would you describe your vacation/beach style?

I love to wear long kaftans or just a white over-sized linen shirt over the bikini. K.Jaques sandals, a large straw beach tote & sunglasses. Simple, elegant, and super comfy.

What 3 items would you be lost without when you travel?

Iphone, sunglasses & my camera.

Your best advice for keeping your baby happy when you travel?

Got the best advice from my friend Dewi when Olivia was a little baby. Bring a few small ”presents” on the flight, that way they have something to play with, and it will keep them happy (as well as the rest of the family). Not usually a fan of this for kid, but the Ipad is a great invention for parents wanting their kids to be calm and happy on a long flight.

What’s in your beachbag?

SPF 50 Dry Touch from Biotherm, Lucas paw paw ointment (for everything!), a panama hat, a book (wishful thinking), iphone, an extra bikini, Céline sunglasses and my classic ray bans, a camera, and a large cotton scarf. And water!!


What’s in your hand luggage when you travel?

A large water bottle, magazines, at least two changes for the kids – one for me (learned this the hard way). Tooth brush, underwear, swimwear, iphone, ipad, SK-II facial mask, big cashmere throw, and whatever is neccessary for the first two days, in case the luggage won’t arrive the same time I do.

My best traveling tips:

Fly as short distance as possible with kids…! ?  Drink loads of water, work out (or just make sure to move)when you arrive to the hotel after a long flight.

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