Name: Josephine Sundin

Family: Husband and three kids, and a small dog.

Home: Djursholm, Sweden

Occupation: Co-founder of IA BON

1. First up, What’s your favorite destination?

I love to mix it up and try to see new places as much as possible – But places I actually love to re-visit over and over is the french riviera and the amalfi coast in Italy – it has everything I love; food, culture and amazing surroundings.

2. What makes the perfect getaway for your family?

Any place where the weather and food is good and kids are happy.

I like when things go as smooth and easy as possible when traveling with kids, Im not too adventurous.

3. How would you describe your vacation/beach style?

COMFORTABLE! I always bring way too much-  but always end up using just a few pieces like a flowy beach cover up, a comfortable maxi dress, flip flops …or sports wear.

4. What 3 items would you be lost without when you travel?

Sunglasses, my running shoes – more for hikes than running, and my kids IA BON UV-suits of course.

5. Your best advice for keeping your baby happy when you travel?

For the flight I always bring good snacks and an Ipad with some good movies and games. At location I always try to stick to the same night routine as they have at home to minimize jet lag.

6. What’s in your beach bag?

SPF cream, sunglasses, magazines and an extra bikini  – But most of all – stuff for the kids.

I always bring at least two UV-suits for them so they always have a dry one to put on after playtime in the water.

7. All time favorite resort?

I must say that the Island of Mustique in the Caribbean was a spectacular ”once in a lifetime” thing.

8. What’s in your hand luggage when you travel?

A book, hand sanitizer and a MAC’s lipstick, color Myth, is always in my bag. A change of clothes for the kids and myself, diapers, bottles, baby food….being a mom = tons of stuff.

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