Name: Stacey Fish
Family:  Husband Mardy Fish, children Beckett & Stella
Home: Los Angeles, CA
Work: Attorney, Jewelry Designer, Mom

1. First up, What’s your favorite destination?

Mexico – it’s only a 2 hour flight from LA and its sunny and warm and they have the best margaritas and chips and guac!

2. What makes the perfect getaway for your family?

A 2 bedroom suite with a nanny on hand!!! Ha!


3. How would you describe your vacation/beach style?

I love white eyelet attire for the beach… it’s sexy and flirty… and you can’t go wrong with long loose flowy sundresses and a fedora of course!

4. What 3 items would you be lost without when you travel?

Can’t leave home without my phone so I can document my trip with fun pics… and i need my Randolph Rose Gold Aviators and my Saks Fifth Avenue Fedora


5. Your best advice for keeping your baby happy when you travel?

When traveling I bring lots of yummy snacks for my son and tons of new games/toys that he has never seen before. i wrap them up and it’s a fun surprise and game to get a new toy every half hour on the plane!

6. What’s in your beach-bag?

Sunscreen, chapstick, some form of mindless reading material… a cute cover up and a room key hopefully to an amazing hotel room right on the beach!

7. All time favorite resort?

Las Ventanas in Cabo holds a special place in my heart… it’s where we spent our honeymoon and it happens to be one of the best resorts in the world!!! It’s beautiful and private and the staff and food is impeccable! They even set up dinner and a private screening of a movie on the beach for just the two of us… was amazing!

8. Favorite vacation trip of all time?

Wine tasting in Napa and staying at Calistoga Ranch

9. What’s in your hand luggage when you travel?

Nothing too exciting! Lysol wipes to disinfect the seats on the plane for our little one and mostly his toys and books and snacks… nothing for me…. my bag is too full!


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