Name:  EmelieTörling / instagram @emelietorling

Family: husbandGustaf, daughter Nico Anaïs

Home: NYC

Occupation: homewith my daughter/working as much as possible with my own brand LEONTINE


1. First up, What’s your favorite destination?

Brazil.  Rio is the sexiest city in the world, it has everything. And then, only a few hours away; Bahía with insane surf beaches , jungle, crazy good caiprihinas, breathtaking nature. It´s also not so touristic and exploited. It´s possible to find more than one hidden place where to relax completely up there..  I left a piece of my heart in Brazil when I was there the first time! That´s also why Rio is one of my daughters middle names…

2. What makes the perfect getaway for your family?

Good weather, a nice beach and a lot of things to do after the day is done. We usually get restless pretty quickly! So the ultimate getaway also includes good restaurants, (good food on vacation is a must!) one or two cozy bars, good surfing. A pretty town close by to explore in the evenings are important, preferably also a very romantic one with old houses and small treasure shops…

3. How would you describe your vacation/beach style?

It depends on destination of course, but I´m a bikini girl at heart with jeans shorts, a t-shirt or a big cotton shirt on -most of the time. I can´t live without my sunglasses as well.

4. What 3 items would you be lost without when you travel?

Facial mist from Björk & Berries, a notebook and a pen.

5. Your best advice for keeping your baby happy when you travel?

Ipad with music and baby tv, a lot of good snacks and her lovie when she get´s tired!

6. What’s in your beach-bag?

Shades, 50+ sunscreen from Rudolph Care,facial mist from Björk & Berries, an old tourist cap from somewhere for when the sun stands too high that I can´t see huge beach towel for the whole family to sit on, a few coronas, sliced watermelon, pirates booty(an american snack we´re addicted to, a mini music player and last but not least stuff to play in the sand with for baby A.

 7. All time favorite resort?
We don´t go to resorts, but I have a favorite little bed and breakfast in Bahía, Brazil…

8. What’s in your hand luggage when you travel?

When I travel on my own I don´t wanna check in so I´ve got everything I need within reach. But the most important things to have in my handbag is again the notebook and pen of course, a silk sleeping mask, facial spray, iPhone charger, mini iPad, phone, lip balm, handcream, headphones and if it´s a long flight I´ve got a sketch pad and a few pens… I´ve also probably got a few healthy snacks and 2 bottles of coconut water if I´m lucky.

When the whole family goes I´ve goy plenty of snacks for everyone. Besides Anaïs, I need to keep my husband happy and he does´t know when he get´s hungry..  We´re a snacking family! I always pack an extra set of clothes for Anaïs, one or two books for her, two linen blankets from eco-brand Aden&Anaïs, they´re amazing for flights. Super light but they keep her warm when it´s cold and cool down when it´s hot. I´ve also got a magazine just in case. I never read it but it feels good to know I´ve got it if magic happens.

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