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IA BON is a Swedish swimwear brand based in Stockholm. The Company had its first successful collection in 2014, starting out with UV swimwear for children made from the finest Italian fabrics with UPF 50+.

The use of cute colors and subtle details made from Euro Jerseys luxurious, long lived & sustainable fabrics, quickly made them in to a well-known children’s swimwear brand.

In 2017 IA BON launched their first Women’s and Men’s swim collection; making bikinis, one-pieces, rash guards & swim shorts in a clean and sophisticated palette.  Today they offer all you need for your vacation at the beach: mama/mini styles, beach dresses, resort jewelry and much more.

Jenni Söderling & Josephine Sundin, the founders behind the brand;

Jenni & Josephine had both lived abroad and happened to move back to Stockholm, where they met and quickly became close friends & mothers almost at the same time.

The idea of making UV suits for children was born in 2012 when they were taking their baby girls on a winter trip to a sunny location. They found it almost impossible to find cute UV swimwear in Scandinavia. With the knowledge of the danger of too much sun exposure – and the lack of UPF protective swimwear they noticed a gap in the market.

So, Josephine & Jenni started their own brand – IA BON (Based on their daughter’s names Olivia & Bonnie) – making UV suits and swimwear that fulfilled their requirements and that was going to be available all year around.

Today IA BON is a resort brand, covering Children, Men and Women.

Jenni and Josephine keeps on creating high quality swimwear and resort wear for the entire family. With focus on environmental questions for a sustainable future.

They want their customers to get more use out of their pieces than just at the beach or poolside. Many of their women’s swimwear pieces looks just as great paired up with their wrap skirts or jeans shorts, for a lunch in the shade, a stroll in the city or for an evening cocktail at your resort.

All you need for your sunny vacation!

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